Africa is said to have 350 million #smallholder farmers, according to the World Economic Forum, 228 million people in Africa face chronic hunger, 65% of Africa’s land is considered degraded, and the risk of further #desertification grows by the day. Crops now wither in the once-fertile fields of northern Ghana, as prolonged droughts dry up water courses.

A vicious circle of unsustainable farming, which exacerbates #climatechange and leads to further extreme weather events, is behind the degradation of Africa’s #soils. Western farming techniques, which may have yielded crops and vast profits for the last century or more, are now being found wanting, as more and more inputs are needed to repair soils that have become barren and eroded.

Some programs to be offered:
  1. Introduction to regenerative agriculture concepts and principles
  2. Soil science and ecology, including the role of microorganisms and soil health
  3. Composting and soil amendment techniques
  4. Cover cropping and crop rotation strategies
  5. Holistic grazing and livestock management
  6. Integrated pest management and organic farming practices
  7. Water management and conservation techniques
  8. Climate change and regenerative agriculture
  9. Financing and business planning for regenerative agriculture operations
  10. Field trips and hands-on learning opportunities
  11. Community outreach and education
  12. Advanced topics such as precision agriculture, agroforestry, and regenerative food systems.
COMMUNITY-BASED Training Projects

Tree Planting


Composting/Organic Pest control


Regenerative Farming


Small Animal/Bird Production


Bee Keeping setup and management 


Solar/Irrigation Setup 


Traditional Herbal Medicine 


Tree Nursery 

We aim to plant 1 million trees every 3 years,

Since 2017 - 2020 we have exceeded our target by planting 1,7 million trees, thanks to the Green Ghana day project which supplies us with tree seedlings. 


Seed Banking


Mushroom Farming 


Value Addition /Post harvest lost prevention


Smallholder Farmer's co-operatives

Nnobua (farm cooperative) will enhance farmer groups' capacity to support each other and encourage farmers, especially women, to co-share knowledge, and resilient solutions such as training, farm tools, irrigation systems, financial support, insurance, digital tools among others to enhance their adaptation to climate change


Fish Farming