The Hub
Our hub has served as a go-to place for local/international students, government officials, volunteers, researchers, organizations, and individuals to learn about irrigation, post-harvest loss prevention, Agritech, innovation, agroforestry, natural medicine, research and more We will replicate and improve these services at our Dambai New site

Pitch and mentoring sessions with trainees at our Zongo Macheri Centre, Nov 2019


Above: Beading training at Zongo Macheri

Right: ICT training 


Graduation and festival 2019


Other Training & Outreach

Outside the main hub we also provide training at our Mastermind skills and business development centre in Tamale


28 August 2022. Opening day Mastermind Skills and business training centre, 

Picture of community leaders, trainees, Green Gold/Dream Village Team and parents of Nanton Zuo Community


The Mastermind Skills Training and Business Development Centre is for fashion designing and smock weaving centre which started under an open shed has now moved to one block facility with the help our partners and  supporters like you.

The new centre is spacious, has a washroom and is easily accessible.

Since its opening on 28 August 2022, we have seen a spike in enrolment, with more girls eager to be trained; current waiting list is 23.

It cost $1500 to enrol a girl for the 2 years training program, who will give back by helping us to plant and conserves trees


International and local research teams using our Zongo Macheri Hub


Training women group (Moringa Mothers Corporative ) on local greenhouse and vegetable and herbs production

Women in tractor operation training
Business development and farm management training


We welcome volunteers all over the world, either you want to teach in the local community school, help in the clinic, support us with administrative stuff or simply get your hands dirty, we are ready for you!

visit by Nchumurumang Senior High School to our Zongo Macheri Hub
Training the staff of Mofa (Ministry of Agriculture) on post-harvest prevention and product value addition
Training on Solar installation for irrigation
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