Regenerative Agriculture uses farming methods that promote life, biological diversity, human and animal health, plant vigour, and pollinator viability. As an added benefit, healthy soil naturally sequesters atmospheric carbon dioxide. Introducing forest farming—practices which enhance carbon sequestration, while sustainably producing food, fibre, and forage enhances smallholder farmers' adaptation to climate change

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Education that teaches how to co-create, instead of being extractive. There is overwhelming evidence that an educated populace, especially women, radically reduces infant mortality, child marriage, family size, malaria, and HIV/AIDS. Conversely, it increases health, economic well-being, agricultural yields, and social stability. Realizing the potential of women and youth is the single most important pathway to planetary regeneration.. 

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Together we  create the world we all dream of! 

Our world is heading towards an extra dimension. These times urgently require innovative solutions that heal our communities and our beloved Earth. Change is happening; A future with a fair, inclusive and diverse society is possible. YOU CAN MAKE IT POSSIBLE by building one community at a time and connecting them in a global consortium, enabling us to act locally but think globally. Alternatives already exist and are many depending on the context, location and realities. This is not the time to do business as usual - step out of your comfort zone, and let's co-create the future together.
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Once upon a time, a young African boy dreamt of building a village for adventurous dreamers, those who turn dreams into action and dare to co-create a better world, a place to live in harmony with yourself and nature. He visualizes his dream into a giant mural artwork. After decades of finding his path... Dream Village became a reality. A community, a school, a hiding place, a hub and a home... Until… Find the full story in Zongo-Biography of an African dreamer And the story continues...

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" an eco-village, an Agritourism hub, a college of life, a regenerative hub, a prototype hub, a co-living/working space, a dreamers academy, or a centre for regenerative thinking. What we seek is to create the space for you to co-create and collaborate by working with nature (thrive).
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